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Please read this before writing to me:

I believe that success and happiness is about the ability to focus, discipline, and saying no. So while I am privileged to receive many business proposals and requests for meetings, I have to take the hard decisions and decline most of them. I believe in the simplicity of an elevator pitch, so if you decide to send me an email, don’t write more than a couple of sentences. I need something that allows me to understand in under 90 seconds what is requested from me and what I get in return. This allows me to judge whether engaging in it will get me closer to my long-term goals. I also pay a lot of attention to the people I deal with, so write something about that too.

I do however offer a possibility for a shortcut.
You can book a 60min call directly with me, without any gatekeeping.
It costs 999 USD and the full amount goes to the charity

You can book the slot here
book 60min

What they say

Marek has a unique hands-on experience in building fast growth Tech companies in Emerging Markets. He is a valuable mentor with contagious passion and positivity, it’s always great to have him on board!

Maria Dubrovska
Program Manager, Google

Marek is a rare example of someone knowledgeable, that knows how to transfer his insights in a way, that makes people want to listen.
A seasoned entrepreneur with a unique, firsthand experience in Africa. He knows everyone and everyone knows him :)

David Van Dijk
Director General, African Business Angel Network

Marek stands out in everything he undertakes. On top of having a substantial experience of the African tech and entrepreneurship space, Marek has a unique ability to share his knowledge in an accessible and entertaining way. As a former coworker, I learned a lot from his authentic and insightful communication style and experience in the industry.

Candace Nkoth Bisseck
Innovation & Business Transformation Facilitator, Stanford Seed

Marek delivers results. Always fully committed and super clear in communication, which makes him easy to work with.
He’s an effective executive and a natural leader, an example to others in many ways.

Felix Hartz
Global Venture Developer, Rocket Internet

Marek is my go-to-expert when it comes to Emerging Markets and Tech. I have been able to draw on his expertise countless times
and I'm so appreciative of how generous he always is with his knowledge.

Camilla Swart
Ecosystem Manager, Rise Incubator Manager

Marek is a unique individual. Combining the raw essence of business development skills as well as a deep analytical perspective to the project at hand. Armed with a deep understanding of the tech ecosystem, great global network and the business hunger of the young generation he is definitely one to watch.

Aleksander Libera
Advisor of the Board, Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Marek is deeply knowledgeable about the African tech ecosystem. His vast experience with high growth ventures in emerging markets has been a great resource for our portfolio companies.

Fredrik Andersson
Investment Manager, Seedstars

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